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Frequently Asked Questions


What age can I register my child for music education?

It is between the ages of about six and nine when most young people begin their instrumental training program. At this age children often have efficient memories, are very eager to learn but will still probably have a short attention span. Never underestimate their capacity for learning and thirst for knowledge. Set them challenging tasks and expect a lot in return. They are normally not afraid of failure and will always want to ‘ have a go’.

This is the time you lay many of the foundations of playing and musicianship. Thorough teaching at this level is an enormous investment for the future. Lessons will have to be carefully planned to include a variety of activities that will develop musicianship, gradually instil understanding of notation, engender a love of the sound of the instrument and stimulate the child’s imagination through creative work.
Most young learners need constant and creative reinforcement to maintain their interest and establish strong foundations and a sense of progress.

Why learn to sight read?

Fluent sight reading is arguably the most valuable skill for young musicians to acquire. There are, of course, a number of obvious benefits:
– Pupil will be able to learn New music more quickly.
– Pupils will become musically independent, allowing them to experience the many joys of music-making throughout their lives.